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How it works?

Your satisfaction drives our delivery process

Myrmex is a highly adaptable and secured SaaS platform with a library of multi-lingual (FR / D / EN / SP  and DE) standard reports available at different levels : organization, site and product.

We offer three options depending on your company size and the scope of your reporting needs:

  1. Report(s) off the shelve, our low-budget solution,
  2. Premium report(s), a package where we adapt our standard report(s) and
  3. Chain report(s), our full design package to implement specific report(s) along your value chain (involving parties external to your company e.g. suppliers).

Whichever option you select, we always run through the following three steps in order to ensure we deliver the right solution with the highest quality.

Listen, scope, prototype

During the whole delivery process our business consultants are geared towards caring for and building a trusted relationship whilst bringing results of high quality. To ensure continuous commitment we first "Listen, scope and prototype" with the objective to deliver the functional specifications that scope the solution.

Beside leveraging a technological platform, the team also advises on how to best re-utilize the existing components of Myrmex in various domains and regulatory contexts. At the heart of our approach is a deep expertise in sustainability data management addressing the major concerns often raised such as exchange of information, security, confidentiality, relevance, timeliness, engaging with external stakeholders, quality, etc.  

For very complex report requirements, a first prototype may be developped to support the scoping process.

At the end of this stage, the implementation of your dedicated Myrmex solution is carried out by our technical team.



Whether for the reports used internally or for value chain reports involving external stakeholders such as suppliers, the implementation will always go through the following steps with a great emphasis on quality:

  1. Check for re-use of existing components based on the purpose and the type of data to be gathered and set up the referential of socio-environmental data (value lists, factors, parameters, etc.)
  2. Amend or build the right forms (questions) to be used to collect efficiently the answers feeding the indicators formulas
  3. Program the report and the views used to display or export the results, and optionally prepare a request process for external reporting campaign

For the Report(s) of the shelve option, only the first two steps will be carried out. All steps will be required for a chain report (involving external parties).

The reporting solution is now ready for acceptance, going to the last phase.


Ready to be used

Once a report has been fully implemented and made available on the platform, it is there to be verified, validated and accepted by key future users or by external parties.

Myrmex is a SaaS platform working on the principle of "invitation only". That means, unless you invite users and external stakeholders e.g. suppliers to join the platform, no request can be sent out to collect the data necessary to produce the report.

Our team is also here to help you mass uploading the initial referential data and even, historical data used to deliver reports on previous periods. Once on the platform as an administrator you are in full control of the data gathering process, exchange of data and report generation.

And, to guarantee on-going satisfaction of the users, our support department is there to help.